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Floral Sunset Farm

Experience the beauty

Floral Sunset Farm was established in 2021. We are a small cut flower farm located outside the town of Dexter Iowa about 6 miles south of Dexter. We are a chemical and insecticide free farm. We want our land to flourish so we focus on adding natural nutrients to our soil and attracting beneficial insects to our land. My vision for the future is to someday open our farm to the public so everyone can experience the beauty and happiness that we had found, but for now, we share that happiness through our flowers.


The Owner

Hi my name is Regina. I love flowers because they make me happy.

My husband's name is Tyler. We moved to our property on October 14, 2019. We have 3 Saint Bernard's and 2 cats.. We are farming on almost 2 acres of land.  I love growing flowers and enjoy doing landscaping designs on our property with some help from my husband. My husband also enjoys growing but grows food for us.  There is something special about starting something from seed and caring/nurturing it to its beauty. I am fortunate to do what I love, it happened in unexpected way. I've always lived in the city and didn't want to move until I was attacked by our neighbor's dog. My husband tried to convince me for years to move out of the city. I never thought of living in the middle of no where would bring us happiness but things happen for a reason, when I saw the sunset I knew we were home.

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