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Custom made Botanical Soy Candle (large 20oz)

Custom made Botanical Soy Candle (large 20oz)

A candle that is so pretty that you would not want to burn. They will also last long if you use them decoratively. They are perfect for any special occasion or just to simply add a perfect touch of femininity to your home. They can be a 2 in 1 purpose for the event. Use it as decorative on the table for your special event and after the event as a gift🎁 for the guests to take home.

Candles are 💯% American soy wax that is grown and made here in Iowa. The candles are scented with essential oil and my flowers are grown chemical free

on our farm. Each candle is unique and individually hand crafted and hand poured. Flowers that the candles are decorated with may vary depending on what's available. Candle weight is about 20oz. You may customize the color of the wax and the scents.